It’s in the Stitches

Ironside Apparel has years of experience mastering the art of embroidery. Our production and sewing techniques provide the excellent results you expect from a quality embroidered item.

Our embroidered logos and text designs look great on hats, shirts, bags and other fabric promotional items.

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If you are interested in creating a webstore email us at info@iowa247365.com or call us at 319-866-0000 to discuss.

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Customer Testimonials

Wow! My family is overwhelmed with the checks we received from the t-shirt/sweatshirt sales! We APPRECIATE all that you did to make that happen. We are humbled. Not only did you support my family, you offered quality merchandise that people from Northeast Iowa are commenting about with each order. “Wow! It’s so soft!” “These are nice shirts!” Around here we are used to your products and know that you do good work. Thanks again for everything!


Our program has been working with Ironside Apparel for several years. We have been extremely happy with every aspect of their service. From the impeccable customer service to the high-quality finished product, they always exceed our expectations.

Ashten Stelken
Prairie Hill Elementary

I have worked with Mark and Ironside Apparel for over 13 years as a head coach, and our program has used them over 20 years. At times I have “tried” other companies for small orders, but my satisfaction level has never met the same level of working with Ironside Apparel. Mark and his staff continuously have delivered us top of the line products in the timelines that I have provided them with. WSR Wrestling and myself look forward to continuing a dedicated relationship for many years to come. 

Eric Whitcome
Waverly-Shell Rock Wrestling

We really appreciate the experience we’ve had with Ironside Apparel throughout the ordering process.  The online store was well-designed, the online ordering allowed us to not have to collect money nor worry about deadlines, the order arrived several days early, they were bagged individually in a way that was easy to hand out and the products were of excellent quality. We always look forward to working together!

Darian Eshelman
Rose Hill Wrestling